Jersey Sings returned in June 2018 with 1200 participants

Bopping up and down, singing their hearts out and loving having a live music experience, on 26th and 27th July around 1200 children, chaperones and volunteers came together to perform at Jersey Sings 2018 over two nights of wonderful music making demonstrating skills from Swahili to dance moves and beautiful music.


Led by the Jersey Sings Band and conductor David Lawrence 28 schools and choirs from Mont A L'Abbe to Janvrin learnt around 3000 words by heart.  

Children spent 10 weeks learning and improving breathing and posture, confidence, teamwork, and developing the physical stamina to sing for nearly 2 hours on their feet.  It was a remarkable achievement for each child.

The results were described by the teachers as: "It was very special and wonderful" and "Absolutely everything about this event is valuable."
The children said, "Wow" , "It was fantastic...I just love singing" and, "I didn't want to stop!"  
We are very grateful to the teachers who made this happen by coaching their children songs from pop, rock, choral, african and other great musical styles at Jersey Sings 2018.  We are interested in ideas for music in 2019

To watch the Highlights from 2018 Click here