Here's some examples of the regular outreach projects that Music in Action organises every year.


Outreach into the schools

Music in Action send out musical groups to thousands of schools children each year teaching them about many musical styles from Mozart to Gerschwin, and about all the instruments from the violin to the guitar.  This picture was of a string quartet at St Mary's school.                      (c) Jean Lelliot


therapeutic outreach

Harriet Mackenzie and Morgan Szymanski performed a series of 6 therapeutic music events in care homes including the Limes, Hospice and at the hospital as part of the Liberation Festival. Music in Action organises between 10 and 20 such events each year.  

Lakeside Care Home said: "The performance was absolutely breathtaking. Many of our residents are incapacitated in various ways and are not always able to express their enjoyment in ways that are readily apparent. It was wonderful to see the rapt attention they paid to the performance, the beaming smiles on their faces and the rapturous applause at the end of every piece. Without organisations such as yours our residents would never have had the opportunity to experience such a special occasion."

Jersey sings!

Each year Music in Action organises Jersey Sings which is an opportunity for school children to develop their all round skills, from team-work, to stamina and memory, as well as learning about music through singing. 


schools concertS At Jersey Opera House

As part of the Liberation Festival, Music in Action hosts around 1500 school children for educational concerts.  The concerts teach the children diverse skills from beat-boxing, to jazz, to learning about classical music through the BBC Ten Pieces.  This picture is of a workshop learning about music at the Jersey Opera House with probably the finest ensemble in the world, the Berlin Philharmonic Octet.